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Streamlined delivery process improves quality and safety on site

We now see high quality delivery of components allowing for work to be completed safely, efficiently and to a high standard. A striking example of this is the Tournai 3 wind farm in Belgium, which now has 3 × E-115 EP3 in addition to the 7 × E-82 already in operation.

High quality of the preceding site engineering can also be seen in the pre-assembly works, which were carried out using a smaller crane, reducing the time needed for the main crane to install the complete turbine. Optimisation of the standard ENERCON crane platform size specification means less environmental impact and less infrastructure to remove after installation.

Benoît Mat, Director at Ventis, says, ‘Ventis and ENERCON have a long history together. We built our very first machines with them, this is our main supplier. When ENERCON competes with other turbine manufacturers, we always choose ENERCON.’

Photo: © Ventis