A whole host of equipment options for site-specific configurations

Equipment Options for your Wind Turbines

Our wide range of specialised technical solutions mean we can customise your ENERCON wind turbines so they are perfectly adapted to your chosen site and its conditions. Flexible features guarantee you high-yield performance even in demanding climate and environmental conditions, optimum grid integration and a number of additional safety functions.

We would be happy to let you know whether a particular feature is available for your chosen wind turbine type.

Cold Climate Sites

Ice detection
Blade heating system
Ice warning light

Upgrades &
Control Systems

Yield Optimized Modes
Shadow shutdown
Noise optimisation

Environment & Acceptance

Bat protection
Beacon system

Technical Protection &

Storm control (standard with all ENERCON products)
UPS energy storage / Typhoon version
Fire protection system
Lightning protection

Grid Integration & Grid Services

Smart Energise
Inertia emulation
Extended reactive power range (STATCOM)

Would you like to equip your wind turbine with specific features?

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