ENERCON Technology

Our customers' requirements take center stage

A sophisticated Direct Drive with synchronous Generator

The core of every single ENERCON wind turbine

All of ENERCON’s current wind turbines are based on a sophisticated gearless drive concept, which sees rotor power transferred to the synchronous generator directly. Your wind turbine employs either high-yield permanent magnet generator (PMG) technology or the well-proven, electrically excited version of the synchronous generator, depending on the turbine type. Whatever the version, you will always benefit from high-yield, high-performance technology.

Robust, low-wear design

Low maintenance

Highly variable speed

Fewer components

Better power transmission in partial load ranges

Yield-optimised control

Safe and profitable operation

E-nacelle with Equipment customised for each Wind Turbine

Well-thought-out modular system is the basis for a new generation of wind turbines

ENERCON’s latest wind turbines use a platform concept with a so called E-nacelle as machine house. Equipped with innovative converter systems, the E-nacelle offers numerous cost benefits within its rectangular design and really helps to optimise the levelised cost of electricity (LCoE).

Dimensions optimised for transport

Final assembly and functional check performed at the plant

Plug-and-play installation on the construction site

Cost efficiency thanks to a high proportion of identical parts

Easier to maintain

Optimised Operation thanks to innovative Control Technology

A powerful combination of performance and reliability

Maximum yield while keeping site-specific requirements and safe operation also in unforeseen circumstances – the ENERCON control system is the answer to these challenges. Innovative algorithms and individual parameters provide for harvesting the optimum energy yield from any site. The integrated safety control system protects your asset even under the most difficult conditions.

Extensive functions for complying with site requirements

Innovative algorithms for yield optimisation

Site-specific parameters for optimum operation

Integrated safety control system for protecting humans and machines

Effective Wind Farm Management with the ENERCON SCADA system

Complies with demanding grid codes and guarantees optimum operation

ENERCON’s supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system encompasses all the components involved in acquiring data for your wind farm as well as performing its remote monitoring, open-loop control and closed-loop control. The ENERCON SCADA system is able to comply with the most demanding grid codes and is already providing a variety of innovative system services. It also guarantees optimum operation from both a technical and an economic point of view.

Wind farm management

Optimum grid integration thanks to the Farm Control Unit (FCU)

Complies with the most demanding grid codes

Provides new system services (for additional remuneration, where applicable)

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