Repowering & Lifetime Extension

Extend your wind farm’s service life or optimise how it is used

Are your Wind Turbines nearing the End of their Service Life?

We are always working to deliver attractive project-specific options for continued operation or for replacing old wind turbines with the latest ENERCON models. We will find the right solution for your wind site and support you to implement it – whether that takes the form of a repowering project or a lifetime extension for ENERCON wind turbines.

Repowering Wind Farms

Replacing your existing wind turbines with more powerful models is a simple way to optimise your energy generation resources at a site that is already up and running. We will provide the reliable support you expect from us throughout this process and you will benefit from the experience we have gained from countless repowering projects.

Lifetime Extension of Wind Farms

We have always been all about product quality, which is why it can sometimes be an attractive option to extend the service life of your ENERCON wind turbines. We can harness our unique product expertise and comprehensive performance data to assess how you can continue to operate your wind farm profitably.

Together we will find the right solution for your wind site, then we will support you to implement it.

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