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E-175 EP5

Setting new standards for onshore wind farms

A whole new level of efficiency

Even more power, even higher yields – the E-175 EP5 is at the pinnacle of the ENERCON product portfolio and is one of the leading wind turbines in its class. With a rotor diameter of 175 metres, innovative generator technology and powerful control systems, it is setting new efficiency standards at low and medium wind sites. Coming in 2024.

Benefits of the E-175 EP5 wind turbine

High-yield technology

The E-175 EP5 features innovative generator technology of the latest generation and a low-maintenance direct drive.

Robust construction

Extensive equipment options for adapting the E-175 to specific site conditions.

Efficient design

The E-nacelle with built-in electrical systems combines complex requirements from the fields of production, logistics and installation in a single LCoE-optimised design.

Flexible configuration

Alongside many other additional features, the E-175 EP5 offers yield and noise-optimised operating modes to expand its potential areas of application.

Optimum network integration

ENERCON grid technology ensures power is fed into the grid in line with the specifications of international and local grid codes.

Different tower versions

The E-175 EP5 is available with a steel tower, hybrid tower or hybrid steel tower in three different hub heights, depending on the requirements.

Technical specifications for the E-175 EP5 at a glance

Nominal Power

6 MW

Rotor Diameter

175 m

Wind Class (IEC)


Hub Heights

112 m, 132 m, 162 m

More information and data

Specifications E-175 EP5


Find out about additional options for the E-175 EP5:

  • Yield Optimised Modes (YOM)
  • Need Based Nighttime Marking
  • Beacon Management System
  • Automatic Fire Extinguishing System
  • Shadow Shutdown
  • ... and many further options

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