Planning & Implementing Wind Farms

A pool of expertise to help you conduct a technical feasibility analysis, plan and realise your onshore wind project.

Successfully implementing Wind Farm Projects with ENERCON — modular or turnkey

There are lots of steps that must be completed from having the initial idea of building a wind farm to the first time it feeds into the grid. Our mission is to pave the way for you and to be a business partner you can rely on as you turn your wind farm project into a reality. In addition to organisational and planning tasks, we also provide site and project-specific engineering services. Benefit from our decades of experience and technical expertise across all phases of your project.

Safeguard your Investment with first-class Planning

To realise your wind farm project in a waythat ensures your investment is secure, it is crucial to select the right windturbine for your specific site. But not only that, there are importantregulatory, financial, structuralengineering and grid factors to consider too. We can offer support and advice on:

International Project Management Experience

The process of constructing a wind farm and integrating it into the local electrical energy network requires extensive knowledge of logistics and structural engineering workflows, electrical design and products. If you so wish, we can be your central point of contact for all your questions on how to plan, implement and get your project up and running.

We offer solutions and implementation support for the following:

Construction and Installation of Wind Turbines

All thecomponents that make up your wind turbines are assembled on the constructionsite by specially trained employees, who use state-of-the-art installationequipment and adhere to the very highest safety standards. Precise planning,reliable processes and clear points of contact guarantee efficient workflows onthe construction site.

Extensive Expertise in the Fields of Grid Integration and high-voltage Systems

In order to get your wind farm up and running, it is essential that it complies with local grid codes. The grid connection for the wind turbines and the electrical infrastructure of the wind farm must, therefore, be aligned with local requirements.

Let us support you with our comprehensive technical expertise and flexible solutions:

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