ENERCON Wind Turbines

Developed to generate an optimum energy yield from onshore wind

Tried-and-tested Design meets state-of-the-art Technology in ENERCON Wind Turbines

We focus on a clear product portfolio offering onshore wind turbine technology for every wind site. You can choose from powerful turbine models in the nominal power range from 2 to 6 megawatts, based on our three platforms. Various configurations and extensive optional features can be selected to meet project-specific conditions and requirements.

Tried-and-tested technology

All ENERCON wind turbines feature a low-maintenance direct drive combined with powerful generator technology.

Quality you can rely on

Solid workmanship and a durable design have always been the hallmarks of ENERCON wind turbines.

A consistent focus on the customer

We always bear the demands of the market in mind when it comes to developing, producing and installing our wind turbines.


The platform for medium to low wind sites

Our wind turbine models based on the EP5 platform have been developed for the global market and deliver high energy yields in medium to low wind conditions. Full-scale converters and permanent magnet generator (PMG) technology ensure that power is generated efficiently from onshore wind.


E-175 EP5


E-160 EP5


The platform for sites with medium wind conditions

Our wind turbines based on the EP3 platform have been designed for sites with medium wind conditions and offer great performance thanks to their separately excited generator technology and low-maintenance direct drive. A variety of configuration options make the EP3 platform a real all-rounder in its wind class.


E-138 EP3


The platform for challenging wind sites

Our wind turbines based on the EP2 platform are truly impressive with their sophisticated technology and sturdy design. We have around 40 years of platform experience, enabling us to guarantee reliable and high-performance operation even in challenging wind conditions.


E-82 EP2 E2


E-82 EP2 E4

Our Customer Promise


We supply high-quality products and innovative solutions.


We support you as partners throughout your project.


We communicate transparently and are happy to be judged on our actions.


We stay agile and adapt to changing boundary conditions.


We assume responsibility for the tasks assigned to us.


We treat one another with respect, as this is the basis for successful working relationships.

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