Corporate Governance at ENERCON

Transparency and integrity are essential aspects of our corporate governance

Trust, Transparency and Accountability

Our business dealings and economic success are subject to the legitimate needs and expectations of our business partners and supervisory bodies, which we want to fulfil completely. That is why we have set up independent systems and processes to establish and promote trust, transparency and responsibility in the way we manage the company.

The three pillars of our corporate governance system:

The Guiding Principles behind our Mission

ENERCON Code of Conduct

We aim to conduct all our business dealings responsibly and to create economic, environmental and social added value. All our decisions are based on the ENERCON Code of Conduct, which is the guideline for ethically sound conduct within the company.

Code of Conduct

Speak-Up Culture / Whistleblowing System

Dealing with mistakes and shortcomings openly is part of our corporate culture. In line with our speak-up culture, all employees and affected parties can report potential compliance violations via the whistleblowing system. They will be protected and can remain anonymous if they wish.

Whistleblower System

Commitment to Human Rights

ENERCON is committed to upholding human rights. We conduct our business dealings in line with international agreements and standards. Our Policy on Human Rights is a summary of everything we are doing to fulfil our due diligence obligations in terms of human rights.

Human Rights Declaration

Further Information about the Company