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ENERCON and Terna Energy install the largest wind farm in Greece

he Kafireas project, comprised of 61 × E-82 E4 wind energy converter (WEC) with 77 metre hub height steel tower and 3.0 MW, is divided into eight sub-parks located in the municipality of Karystos on the island of Evia. This project started to be drawn in 2013 due to its challenging intrinsic complexity. The operator of the wind farm, Terna Energy, entrusted ENERCON with the complex task of realising this project in an area with extremely challenging mountainous topography and high wind speeds (WC I).

ENERCON developed an agile project management concept in cooperation with the local authorities and the customer, which considered working during low-wind night hours and local logistical advantages and thus met the tight project schedule. ‘For Project Management there were no secrets to the project’s success: it is the result of careful preparation, hard work, and a positive mindset, but most of all a group of people dedicated to achieving the best possible outcome for ENERCON and the customer. As we complete this key project, we are left with the feeling that effectively “change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end”, like Robin Sharma once said,’ states José Machado, General Project Manager at ENERCON.

Following signing of the contract at the end of 2020, dedicated teams consisting of national and international ENERCON employees worked alongside local partners to meet the target date for commissioning by the end of 2023. One of the key success factors was close cooperation with the local authorities. This resulted in the option to use local ferries to assure the transportation of the WEC components between the mainland and Evia Island alongside a remarkable commitment of political entities to ensure a smooth permitting and administrative process.  

Due to the rather inaccessible location of the wind farm, the permanent presence of a medical team was implemented. This not only secured everyone’s safety on site but also proved to be very beneficial during the wildfire season as the medical emergency team was also able to support the local residents and the Greek rescue teams. This allowed for a faster and safer reaction at a critical time and highlights the positive impact the wind farm was having locally and nationally during its installation.  

Furthermore, this project is expected to produce energy to meet the needs of 226,000 households and prevent the release of 1,017,600 t of CO2 into the atmosphere. In order to guarantee the connection from the Kafireas complex to the mainland interconnection system, an almost 70 km long submarine cable will be used and the connection point at Attica will be in the Lavrion GIS Substation.  

For many years, Terna Energy has been a strategic partner for ENERCON. With more than 200 MW of installed ENERCON wind turbines, ranging from E-44 to E-126, Terna Energy is the largest investor in the renewable energy sources (RES) sector in Greece and the biggest Greek company in the sector worldwide. ‘Kafireas II is the largest and most challenging project we have been involved in throughout Terna Energy’s evolution as the leader of installed wind energy capacity in Greece. Its success is even more significant considering the tight time schedules achieved, for which we are thankful, as well as for the great collaboration we had with ENERCON and the associated team,’ says Michalis Hatzistefanou, Project Manager at Terna Energy.

The outstanding cooperation between both parties to overcome challenges during the installation phase is once again a great example of a strong relationship of trust and of the remarkable atmosphere during project realisation. ‘We are confident that this constructive experience will leverage future opportunities in the Greek market,’ states Paulo Mendes, Regional Director of Sales and After Sales. ‘ENERCON and Terna teams worked together hand in hand to find solutions to the different challenges this project had, and it was this synchronicity which led to a successful project.’

According to ELETAEN, the Hellenic Wind Energy Association, Greece’s installed wind power capacity will reach 6,500 MW within the next three years and ENERCON is ready to further serve energy transition in Greece with its high-quality products and services and by that reaching this goal together with its long-time partners.