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Efficient use of space for wind energy

In December 2022, ENERCON renewed its partnership with Ventis, a Belgian family-owned wind energy development company. Ventis has been developing wind farms in France and Belgium since 2002. Ventis chose ENERCON to supply and support them in their latest project in Belgium: a site extension with unique challenges.

Courcelles 1 is a project consisting of 2 × E-115 EP3. The Courcelles 2 extension has seen an additional E-115 EP3 E3 with a hub height of 92 metres installed in the first quarter of 2024, bringing the total installed capacity on this site to 10.35 MW.

The location for this extension is unique, as it was built in the loop of a motorway junction. ENERCON has a proven track record and is a reliable partner in the realisation of such projects thanks to its many years of experience in the safe realisation of undertakings in complex locations. In order to ensure a smooth installation and safe operation this time as well, cooperation between the customer, local authorities and various departments such as Sales, Logistics, Project Management and Health & Safety started at an early stage. This also included a site visit by the logistics coordinator.

Another interesting condition of this project is that the entrance to the construction site was directly off a motorway. Before on-site work began, the supply of all components had to be planned carefully with the customer and local authorities to ensure a streamlined delivery and installation. To guarantee reliable and safe access to the WEC in the coming years for ENERCON technicians who will be carrying out turbine maintenance in accordance with the EPK contract, a concept was developed alongside the logistics concept with ENERCON Service and customers.

Courcelles is one of three projects ENERCON is currently carrying out for Ventis in Belgium. Three projects, each with its own complexity.

E-115 EP3 im Aufbau