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Version: May 2018

ENERCON GmbH ('ENERCON') thanks you for visiting our website at and for your interest in our company and our products.

The purpose of this privacy statement is to inform you about how we handle your personal data. It applies to the processing of personal data for the purposes of communication through this website and outside the context of this website.

1. Controller; Data Protection Officer

ENERCON GmbH ('ENERCON') collects and processes your data as a controller.

Contact details: ENERCON GmbH, Dreekamp 5, 26605 Aurich, Germany


You can write to ENERCON's appointed Data Protection Officer at Dreekamp 5, 26605 Aurich, Germany, or send an e-mail to

2. Visiting the website

If you just visit our website without actively contacting us we will not process any personal data from you. Our web servers merely record every access in a temporary log file for a period of seven days. The following information is collected: IP address of your client; website from which our website is accessed; date and time of access; name and URL of the file accessed; pages visited; data volume transmitted; message as to whether access was successful; playback of video/audio files; clicks on individual links; search terms or phrases; detection of browser and operating system used and name of your internet access provider.

Processing this information serves to render our website optimal and secure from a technical point of view. There is no analysis of personal data.

3. Processing of personal data when you contact us or receive our 'Windblatt' customer magazine

a. Contact and sending of information material

We do not collect any personal data - that is, information that can be attributed to you as a person - unless you volunteer that information and contact us. This will be the case, for instance, if you enter your data into an input field on our website or send them to us by e-mail. If you contact us through a form on this website we will collect the following information about you: title, last name/first name, company, branch of industry, address details, contact details (phone/e-mail), contents (of request).

We will only use your personal data to communicate with you, or for the purpose you intended when providing these data and then delete them.

Any information that is not mandatory for handling your request, such as your branch of industry, is marked as such in the form.

If applicable, we will use your postal address and e-mail address to send you information about our events, products or services. Nevertheless, we will refrain from this unless you wish us to do so and have given your express consent. You may revoke your consent at any time by e-mailing to or writing to ENERCON GmbH, Vertrieb National, Dreekamp 5, 26605 Aurich, Germany. In addition, you may opt out from continued storage and use of your personal data, particularly your contact details. Please contact or ENERCON GmbH, Vertrieb National, Dreekamp 5, 26605 Aurich, Germany also in this matter. In the case of a revocation or legitimate objection we will erase your data without delay. However, in this event we will be unable to further handle your requests.

b. 'Windblatt' customer magazine subscription

If you order our free 'Windblatt' customer magazine, the personal data you provided during registration (title, last name/first name, company, branch of industry, address details, contact details [phone/e-mail]) will be used to process your order. For this purpose they will be transferred to service providers that have been authorised accordingly and contracted as data processing companies (e.g. the customer magazine printers). We will ask for your express consent in advance. Your personal data will not be passed on to third parties. You may opt out from processing of your personal data for shipment of the customer magazine or revoke your consent with effect for the future at any time by sending an informal notice to or by writing to ENERCON GmbH, Vertrieb National, Dreekamp 5, 26605 Aurich, Germany. Once we have received your opt-out notice or revocation we will no longer use your data and discontinue shipment of our customer magazine to you.

c. Use of the Service Info Portal

Our Service Info Portal (SIP) that can be accessed from these web pages gives customers the option to store operating reports, service reports and other documents about their wind energy converters, or to share them with us within the framework of the performance of the contract. Performance of the contract for the purposes of Article 6 [1] Sentence 1 b) of the GDPR is the legal basis for this. The amount of personal information collected in this setting is very limited; it is merely the contact details of points of contact. We keep this information strictly confidential and will store and use the data only to enable you to use the Service Info Portal; following termination of the contractual relationship the information will be erased at once.

d. Job applications

You can apply for jobs at our company either online or through electronic media. As a matter of fact we will use the information you provide only to process your application and delete it once the application procedure has been completed. Please keep in mind that unencrypted e-mails are not protected against access during transmission. Therefore, we strongly recommend sending your application documents either by encrypted e-mail or through the contact form on our Career Portal. For detailed information on how your personal data are handled, please see our Career Portal privacy statement.

4. Cookies

We use cookies in some areas for a need-based design of our website. Most of the cookies we use expire after closing the browser session (known as 'session cookies'). Others remain on your terminal device and enable us to recognise your browser the next time you visit the site (persistent cookies). We do not use this information to personally identify any visitor to this website.

Most browsers are configured so that they accept cookies automatically. Still, you can disable cookies altogether or configure your browser so that it will ask you when a website wants to set a cookie. Please note that blocking cookies from our website might result in functional restrictions when using our web pages or those of other service providers.

5. Matomo Analytics

We use the Matomo Analytics service (formerly Piwik) for statistical analysis of the usage of our website, using overriding legitimate corporate interests as the legal basis. Small text files (cookies) are used to store information about how you use our website and what browser/operating system you use. This includes the IP address. The IP address is instantly anonymised during the process so that you remain anonymous to us as a user. Nevertheless, if you are opposed to analysis of your user behaviour you can configure your browser so that no analytics cookie can be set (objection). This objection is stored as an opt-out cookie.

Your option for disablement: At this point you can decide whether or not your browser may store a unique web analytics cookie to enable the website operator to collect and analyse various statistical information. If you wish to opt out, click on the following link to have your browser store the Matomo opt-out cookie.

Please keep the following in mind: If you wipe all of your cookies the opt-out cookie will also be deleted. This means that you will have to opt out from the analysis of your user behaviour once again.

6. Data security

We have taken extensive technological and operational precautions to protect your data against accidental or intentional manipulation, loss, destruction or access by unauthorised persons. We review and adapt our security procedures on a regular basis to keep up with technological progress.

When you use our contact form or log on to the Service Info Portal (SIP) platform you also provide personal information about yourself. To prevent this information from falling into wrong hands we use TLS (Transport Layer Security) to encrypt your personal data end-to-end. This is a tried-and-tested data transfer method on the internet that is highly secure if used according to the state of the art the way we do.

7. Data processing outside the context of this website

We process personal data from you also outside the context of this website if you approach us in writing, by phone or by e-mail and, in doing so, disclose personal data (particularly contact details), or if you have entered into a contractual relationship with us, or if data processing is required for any reason whatsoever. This is the case primarily if you are one of our business partners or customers, an interested party or a subscriber to our 'Windblatt' magazine, attend at one of our events, work for us as a service provider, or are involved in an administrative procedure, e.g. approval procedure for a wind energy converter.

Depending on the context, processing takes place on different legal bases for the purposes of Article 6 GDPR; depending on the context, these include in particular:

1. Your consent (e.g. to receiving the 'Windblatt' magazine)

2. A contractual relationship (e.g. for installation or maintenance of a wind energy converter, or a related service agreement)

3. A statutory obligation to process data (e.g. for the performance of administrative procedures) or

4. An overriding legitimate corporate interest (e.g. to enforce legal claims or for video surveillance of our facilities for protection against unauthorised access, where required)

ENERCON GmbH and other companies of the organisation host central functions that are active on behalf of the corporate network and, in this context, process also personal data, e.g. Marketing and Communication, Sales, Purchasing, Central Administration (e.g. Legal Department), and Recruiting. Processing of personal data by these functions also takes place on the legal bases listed above. If central functions are involved by other companies of the organisation (e.g. for procurement transactions or administrative procedures), personal data will be exchanged to the extent required between the involved companies of the organisation. In this case, overriding legitimate corporate interests constitute the legal basis.

We will transfer personal data to other companies of the organisation or to third parties (e.g. authorities or banks or service providers employed to fulfil a contract) only if required by the particular business relationship or a statutory requirement. We bind any service provider we employ (e.g. for IT or printing services) by contract to process personal data only within the scope of their job.

Your personal data will always be stored for the period required for the particular purpose (e.g. performance of contract) and then deleted, taking into account the statutory retention periods, or locked for the required retention period after the purpose has been achieved (e.g. fulfilment of contract by both parties) or restricted from processing and then deleted. To exercise your rights as a data subject under Item 8, please contact ENERCON GmbH or, if another company of the organisation is responsible, contact that company. To do so, please use the contact information provided in Item 1 above.

8. Your rights

You have the right to request information about your personal data stored by us at any time. Furthermore, you have the right to request correction or updating and deletion or restriction of processing (locking) of your personal data stored by us, if legally admissible and possible in the setting of an existing contractual relationship. If statutory regulations do not permit deletion your data will be locked instead (processing restrictions) so that they will only be accessible to comply with compulsive statutory regulations. You have the right to complain to a supervisory authority. Furthermore, you have the right to portability of those data you provided to us on the basis of a declaration of consent or a contract (data portability).

You may object to data processing for reasons arising from your particular situation, if data processing takes place due to our legitimate interests or is required to perform a function under public law. You may object to advertising appeals at any time with effect for the future (objection to use of data for advertising purposes).

If you have any questions about the use of your data, or if you would like to exercise your rights as a data subject, please write or send an e-mail to the address indicated above.

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