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Optimum development of energy logistics value-added chain

Investors in wind energy projects and operators are finding themselves under increasing obligation to take personal responsibility for finding a profitable market for the electricity they generate. ENERCON is committed to providing its customers with the best possible support in this, and offers a comprehensive energy logistics service portfolio in addition to the power generation and grid feed technology.

Energy logistics

ENERCON supports operators and investors along the entire energy logistics added-value chain - from the project idea to operation and beyond. To achieve this, ENERCON is expanding the EPK (ENERCON PartnerKonzept) family with service packages always for the benefit of their customers. Innovative energy logistics concepts include portfolio management to secure revenue for your wind turbine, even in the long-term.

This is occurring against a backdrop where the legislator is encouraging a commitment from operators to find a profitable market for the electricity they generate themselves with changes to the framework conditions. The energy logistics services make an important contribution to the market integration of renewables and, at the same time, improve customer profits. For international markets the energy logistic is organised by ENERCONs 100% subsidary QUADRA Power International GmbH. 


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Community-owned power models

With the help of community-owned power projects, operators ensure adjoining communities a decentralised and more cost-effective power supply from their wind farm and thus a direct participation in the success of the energy transition. Supplying end-users oneself takes a lot of time and money. ENERCON supports users with individual development and implementation of regional green electricity tariffs for private households and assumes all tasks for customers except for marketing via its subsidiary QUADRA Energy.

Direct power to industry

By connecting a wind energy converter directly to an industrial facility, part of the otherwise conventional power supply can be replaced with a decentralised self-sufficient power supply system. Self-sufficient energy suppliers thus save on conventional energy costs, grid use fees, electricity tax and part of the EEG (Renewable Energy Sources Act) levy. The cost-effectiveness of concrete concepts is dependent on many individual factors and ENERCON supports its customers in its analysis via its subsidiary QUADRA Energy. In addition, QUADRA guarantees the supply of residual quantities to companies as well as direct marketing of excess production by individual arrangement.

QUADRA can draw on experience from many analyses and implemented projects in this respect. ENERCON and QUADRA have generated successful examples of a sustainable reduction in electricity procurement costs due to self-sufficient power supply by directly connecting for example the Gusszentrum Ostfriesland GZO (foundry) to an ENERCON E-101. In this case, more than 70% of the power generated from the wind energy converter is consumed locally without first being fed into the public grid.

Continued operation of wind energy converters after 2020

ENERCON’s experience gained from marketing wind energy converters is also incorporated into the development of marketing solutions for power from existing installations that do not fall under the EEG (Renewable Energy Sources Act) remuneration (from the year 2020 in Germany) and are not repowerable. For that purpose, the operators will be involved in the concept of the virtual power station so that they can also fully exploit their generating capacity potential in terms of energy economy.

Within the framework of the EPK+E concept, ENERCON’s subsidiary QUADRA Energy creates and maintains energy logistics services for older E-40 and E-66 series wind energy converters. In addition to the marketing of volumes of energy on the power exchange, they include, among other things, direct supply to industrial consumers, processing of the power quality for their own green electricity tariffs as well as the offer of positive and negative balancing power in the long term. The WECs’ remote control feature constitutes a technological prerequisite.

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