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ENERCON Service offers you numerous services to ensure the performance of your wind turbines at all times. Our service staff as well as our digital service offers support you, among other things, with

•  installation, maintenance and servicing of ENERCON wind turbines,
•  remote monitoring of the turbines,
•  maintaining the technical availability as well as
•  implementation of service contracts and customer support for all technical and commercial issues

ENERCON attaches great importance to customer satisfaction and is constantly working on the further development of its service offerings. Our striving for high service quality is also confirmed in the evaluation of the current BWE Service Survey, in which ENERCON Service once again holds the top position.

Detailed information on service contracts, material sales, training and regarding our digital platforms can be found on the respective product pages.

Digital Services

Discover ENERCON´s digital services!



If you have any questions about ENERCON's service offerings, please do not hesitate to contact the respective departments.

Material sales: eShop@enercon.de
Customer Training: customer-training@enercon.de 
Service Info Portal: sip.support@enercon.de

ENERCON material sales

ENERCON offers you a global network for purchasing turbine-specific spare parts as well as maintenance and repair materials. This means that a wide range of high-quality spare parts for your wind energy converter is always available.

The ENERCON eShop offers a digital platform for material sales that guarantees an optimised, uncomplicated and clear ordering process. Categorised by the material's area of application and thanks to various filter options, you can quickly find the functionally relevant materials. In addition to the respective product details, you also benefit from up-to-date price and availability information.

To make your shopping experience even better, ENERCON is continuously working on expanding the online portfolio and extending the eShop functionalities. We are glad to consider the customers’ requests in order to optimise the material purchasing process for you. At the moment, we are still in a testing and optimisation phase of the webshop. However, you can already put your name on the waiting list for an account. To do so, please fill out the registration form and you will soon be able to benefit from the automated ordering process.




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ENERCON Training Department (TRD)

Thanks to our decentralised training units, known as the ENERCON Training Departments (TRDs), ENERCON offers a pioneering training concept that ensures optimum training for our service staff and installation engineers worldwide. ENERCON trainers and instructors train participants in the areas of installation, maintenance and servicing of an ENERCON wind turbine by using different learning methods in the national and international TRDs.

Simulation with original components enables practical learning sessions that take into account all relevant health and safety requirements. The aim is to optimise processes and make them more efficient, thus providing our customers with the best possible service.

The training concept is implemented by well-trained instructors who pass on their comprehensive knowledge as part of our training programme. All our instructors have methodological-didactic training and in-depth specialist knowledge. This knowledge is refreshed at regular intervals. Through close cooperation with our suppliers, we can guarantee that the trainers are educated by the respective manufacturers.

Central monitoring and control ensures that our worldwide team of instructors has high-quality and standardised training.

Training courses also offered for ENERCON customers
In addition to the training courses we run for teams working for ENERCON, we also offer training for our customers tailored to their individual requirements. A broad spectrum of topics ranges from ENERCON’s tried and tested WEC technology to new product systems. Our technical trainers employ an extensive range of work methods and know the technical features and standards of ENERCON wind energy converters inside out, meaning no questions are left unanswered. Learn more about the official ENERCON training courses and get in touch!

Customer training courses contact

You`re interested in learning more about ENERCON´s training opportunities?
Please contact the ENERCON Global Training-Team:

E-Mail: customer-training@enercon.de
Phone: +49 4941 6973 445 

ENERCON Training Centre Lichtenau

Training catalogue

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ENERCON Service Info Portal

The ENERCON Service Info Portal (SIP) offers functionality and transparency in terms of relevant turbine data. In addition to ENERCON SCADA data, customers can obtain quick and simple access to any desired service information via the Internet without having to call up additional software. A personal password and encrypted transmission ensure double data protection in line with the latest security standards.

A user-friendly menu allows easy access to all monthly, weekly and daily analyses of the WECs. Customers can also obtain a yield or availability overview, or consult maintenance and service reports within seconds via SIP. The interface draws on data entered in the internal system by ENERCON Service directly on site, thus making it easy to directly follow any maintenance and repair work.

With these more efficient options, the SIP interface allows an improved flow of information increasing customer satisfaction.


If you have any questions about ENERCON's Service Info Portal, please do not hesitate to contact us.

E-Mail: sip.support@enercon.de

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