E-138 EP3

Rated power: 3,500 kW
Rotor diameter:
138.6 m
Hub height (m):
81 / 111 / 131 / 160
Wind class (IEC):
Rotational speed:
variable, 4.4 - 10.8 rpm

E-126 EP3

Rated power: 4,000 kW
Rotor diameter: 
127 m
Hub height (m): 
86 / 116 / 135
Wind class (IEC): 
Rotational speed:
variable, 4.4 - 11.8 rpm

ENERCON Product news

Significant performance increase within the EP3 platform

Framework conditions that bring about growing challenges require flexibility and new technological solutions that enable us to offer attractive options for your wind energy projects also in the future.

ENERCON E-138 EP3 und E-126 EP3

The new WEC types E-138 EP3 / 3,500 kW (IEC/EN IIIA) and E-126 EP3 / 4,000 kW (IEC/EN IIA) are part of a new WEC generation developed by ENERCON that delivers a convincing increased overall performance in the high-volume segment. The enhanced WEC design represents a more compact structure that also optimises production, logistics and installation processes. This is fully in line with our goal of supplying our customers with the highest-quality wind energy converters built to our proven ENERCON quality standards.

Data sheet EP3 platform

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