10 December 2021

Vaccination for the world

ENERCON puts its own slogan at the service of the vaccination campaign   

From ‘Impfen – ich liebe es’ (Vaccination – I’m lovin’ it) by McDonald’s to ‘Dann geh‘ doch zum Impfen!’ (Go and get vaccinated then!) by the supermarket Netto – more than 500 brands and companies in Germany began using their slogans to promote vaccination this week, under the hashtag #ZusammenGegenCorona (Together Against Corona). The aim is to take an appealing approach to supporting the vaccination campaign in Germany. ENERCON too has joined the initiative, and will temporarily put its slogan in the service of the campaign: Vaccination for the world.

‘A slogan isn’t something you just hand over flippantly’, explains ENERCON CEO Momme Janssen. ‘The situation is serious: We can only fight this pandemic if every single person takes responsibility. Vaccination is the key. We want to draw attention to this fact by joining and supporting this campaign. Protecting the health of our employees is our top priority. We therefore urge everybody in the company to get their vaccination or their booster vaccination as quickly as possible.’


Vaccination is important:

· to protect yourself and others from a potentially severe or deadly illness

· to ensure that large numbers of employees do not all take sick leave at once, grinding business processes to a halt

· to stop ENERCON plunging into a dual crisis of pandemic and turnaround

· to take pressure off the health system

· to enable a return to normality

Vaccination is safe:

· because the vaccines on offer have been tested and found effective

· because it significantly reduces the risk of infection and severe cases

· because the vaccines also prevent illnesses caused by virus mutations to date

Vaccination is easy:

· The following vaccination opportunities are available (for Germany): family doctor, specialist doctors or the online vaccination portal

· Look out for vaccination events in newspapers or on social media

· Talk to your colleagues, friends and acquaintances about vaccination opportunities


The #ZusammenGegenCorona campaign is a national drive, but the call to vaccinate is directed at all regions where ENERCON is active. COVID-19 does not respect borders. Health protection and ensuring business processes are the top priorities across the whole of ENERCON.

The new Chancellor Olaf Scholz also welcomes the campaign: ‘It is an outstanding symbol of social responsibility and initiative. My plea to you all: please get vaccinated!’

The initiative to support #ZusammenGegenCorona was spur of the moment. Concerned about the fourth wave of the pandemic and its social and economic impacts, a group of people from the German marketing industry got together and started the campaign, which is based on an idea from the antoni advertising agency. Hundreds of companies had joined within a matter of days. ENERCON will also be using posters and banners to support the campaign.

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