After the Federal Government and German state Prime Ministers passed a resolution on the key points for the expansion of onshore wind energy, the sector urgently needs more clarity on the future framework conditions. ENERCON‘s Managing Director Hans-Dieter Kettwig pointed this out at today‘s “Energiewende retten” (Save the energy transition) demonstration in Berlin. The renewable energies organisations rallied to protest against the Federal Government‘s plans to initiate a tendering system for determining the feed-in tariff for renewable energies. Roughly 1,500 ENERCON employees took part in the demonstration.
The Federal Government made a compromise with the Federal States at a crisis summit on 31 May by agreeing on a tendering share of 2,800 MW gross for onshore wind energy. “However, the key points are still a bitter compromise for our sector,” emphasised Kettwig. After all the government-stipulated one-off degression of up to 7.5% in addition to the schedule degression is still not off the table. “The one-off degression is still going to put onshore wind projects at risk and lead to another dog race,” said Kettwig. In particular, for community-owned, co-op and medium-sized wind projects this plan means a substantial financial disadvantage on top of the other regulations – once they are in place – an additional challenge. The sector is still looking for solutions to this issue.

“One very positive thing, though, is the active commitment of the Federal States in favour of onshore wind energy,“ says Kettwig. “We would like to thank the politicians who, despite all challenges, see the success in using onshore wind energy. Our sector stands for evermore cost-effective kilowatt-hours, for sustainable energy generation, hundreds of thousands of jobs, technological progress and major regional added value. We hope that the Federal Government will also realise this.“

The demonstration is yet another appeal from the sector to the Federal Government not to allow the in-troduction of a tendering system jeopardize jobs in the onshore wind energy sector. “We want to maintain constant growth in our domestic market and successfully achieve the energy transition,” emphasized Kettwig. “Because the source of innovation and the future of a world market is happening here.”

Kettwig also pointed out that the Federal Government should not lose sight of the climate protection targets. With the current key points concerning the tendering system, the targets announced at the climate summit in Paris in November cannot be attained. “However, we are banking on insight and common sense to move the development of renewable energies in the grids forward through smart and innovative grid expansion in the years to come.“ Moreover, several large-scale fossil fuel power plants will have to be shut down in order to reach the CO2 targets. Then grid hubs will become available. This could open up  yet another chapter in the use of renewable energies over and above the 45% target for the year 2025.

“Unfortunately, renewable energies are depicted as the issue, even though we have to lay all cards on the table and show what we are doing and plan to do. We can‘t allow operators of environmentally friendly wind turbines to be driven off the grid and let technologies deemed as critical to the environment become the governing factor in the energy transition. Security of supply, climate protection and affordability through renewable energies can only be ensured by following a systematic plan for the energy transition. Today‘s demonstration is supposed help promote the consciousness of many players, be they companies, employees, suppliers or organisations. The energy transition is much more than just a 10-year plan.”

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