21 January 2021, Aurich/Germany

Great resonance for virtual ENERCON operator forum

Exchange conducted as video conference for first time due to COVID-19 lockdown

The ENERCON operator forum was held in the German Wind Energy Association (BWE) in a new format this week: due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the initiators of this traditional exchange between ENERCON and the operators of its wind energy converters, which has been taking place for more than 20 years, organised the event as a video conference for the first time. The nationwide lockdown imposed due to the pandemic made it impossible for the event to take place with on-site attendance as usual. More than 100 operators from Germany registered to take part.

As well as news from the ENERCON network, the agenda included needs-based nighttime marking (BNK), Green PPSA, the restructuring of the ENERCON Service organisation in Germany, the introduction of the SIP app and questions from the operators. ENERCON CSO Stefan Lütkemeyer, ENERCON Director After Sales Hermann Bohlen, and further contact persons from After Sales, Service, and Quadra Energy were on hand to answer questions on behalf of ENERCON. Gerd Möller from the company Lanthan also joined as a further expert for BNK. Managing director Wolfram Axthelm and the forum coordinators Stefan Grothe and Ulf Winkler took part for the BWE.

‘The premiere was a success. Despite the restrictions caused by the pandemic we still managed to have a good and constructive discussion’, says Hermann Bohlen, Director After Sales. ‘For us it is very important that we continue to keep in close contact with our customers in these times which are so challenging for us all.’ ENERCON CSO Stefan Lütkemeyer adds: ‘This is especially true where our customers in Germany are concerned in view of our reorientation to international markets to ensure there are no misunderstandings regarding our commitment. Germany remains an important market for us. We are not backing down, but will continue to be dedicated to the expansion of onshore wind energy. We will keep standing by our commitment to our local customers in future and will continue to be a reliable partner for them.

ENERCON’s reorientation and the impact of the pandemic on business operations were two of the topics that the participants especially wanted to know more about. ‘This made it all the more important for us that the first exchange in virtual format went smoothly’, says Hermann Bohlen. ‘ENERCON is thus proving once again that it is able to continue conducting business during the crisis. Like the new SIP app, the new format is another example of how we are modernising our product range and information offering and making them available in a digital format. We want to use our new products and service channels to provide our customers with user-friendly information in an efficient and transparent way.’

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