16 March 2022, Aurich/ Germany

First ENERCON E-nacelle delivered to customer  

E-nacelle is now ready for assembly at the site in Hämelhausen.

The first E-nacelle for a customer project set out on its way to the site in Hämelhausen (Lower Saxony/Germany) last Thursday, 17 March. The 14-meter-long and approx. 80-ton nacelle was loaded onto a 8-axis special trailer at the Mechatronics Competence Center in Aurich. In the meantime, the major component has arrived at its destination and is waiting for installation there. 

The new E-nacelle with integrated electrical systems offers significant potential for saving on installation, materials and transportation. The E-nacelle will be used for the first time with the E-160 EP5 E3, with plans to install it in the EP3 later and in all wind energy converter types that follow. 

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