Aurich, 27 September 2022

ENERCON strengthens global Sales & Service Organisation

Expansion of services offers added value for customers / Pooling of expertise in new Competence Centers 

ENERCON is restructuring its global Sales & Service Organisation. The aim of the reorganisation is to offer customers comprehensive service support relating to their onshore projects alongside the classic WEC products. This support will be given in matters surrounding project organisation, financing, finding investors and energy marketing, and in technical aspects of grid connection or integrating the WEC into combi or hybrid projects, as well as Service issues during the operating phase. 

‘By strengthening our global Sales & Service Organisation we are providing even more targeted support to the new regional structure, boosting our competitive position and preparing ourselves in good time for the challenges we are expecting to arise when the onshore markets pick up again’, says ENERCON CCO (Sales & Service) Ulrich Schulze Südhoff. ‘The margins in the classic WEC and Service business are under pressure, the complexity of project organisation is increasing, and the demand for hybrid projects combining onshore WECs and solar or storage will rise. We are therefore targeting the further development of our business model to include additional consultancy services. This will set us apart from the competitors and build on the ENERCON virtues that traditionally defined us through equal partnership with our customers.’ 

Schulze Südhoff identifies some of these ENERCON characteristics as being close customer proximity, support from a single source and a pragmatic and solution-oriented approach to working by regional Sales, which always has the customer’s interests in mind. ‘We see ourselves as a partner for our customers. Together we want to successfully implement wind farms, drive forward the energy transition and contribute to energy independence.’ 

As part of the restructuring, ENERCON is establishing new Competence Centers within the Global Sales Organisation. The Global Sales and Global Service divisions will be expanded to include the new units Sales & Finance Partners, Sales & Service Technical Partners and Marketing & Business Development. Global Sales is responsible for global sales management, pricing, data & systems and taking care of ENERCON’s key accounts. Global Service manages the global Service business and offers overarching technical support to the Service units in the regions. 

The newly formed Sales & Finance Partners unit advises customers on issues relating to project organisation and financing, helps in the search for an investor and finds energy marketing solutions. Acting as an enabler, its goal is to create the commercial framework, avoid risks and ensure the profitability of planned onshore projects. Sales & Service Technical Partners covers the divisions of New Unit Technical Marketing, Service Technical Marketing, Technical Operations, Grid Integration and Hybrid Energy Systems. Marketing & Business Development is tasked with Market Research, Strategic Marketing and Commercial Business Development/Commercialisation. 

‘In our Competence Centers we will pool the know-how and experience that exists in the company in a central location in order to offer it to the regional teams in the most effective way possible’, explains Ulrich Schulze Südhoff. ‘We will gather our commercial, technical and financing best practices and will provide them to our customers in the form of consultancy services.’ The CCO Sales & Service describes this as a win-win situation for everyone involved, from which the ENERCON core business will ultimately also benefit: ‘For the customers, our support is characterised by the concrete added value we offer them in addition to the wind energy converter technology. In this way, we enable the installation of ENERCON-brand wind energy converters.’

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