1st July 2022, Aurich

ENERCON to receive state support from the Economic Stabilisation Fund     

Funds serve to stabilise the company in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic

To cushion the impact of negative consequences from the COVID-19 pandemic, ENERCON will receive state support in the amount of 500 million euros from the Economic Stabilisation Fund (ESF, German WSF). The interdepartmental Economic Stabilisation Fund Committee has approved this stabilising measure.

The state liquidity assistance is intended to contribute to stabilising the company. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused significant disruptions and unexpected extra costs for materials, components, transport & logistics, and has ultimately resulted in delays to important projects.

Due to the ESF stipulations, ENERCON is required to publish the following declaration of commitment:

ENERCON - RV Anlage ⌡ 3(1)(iii) - Verpflichtungserklärung

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