11 January 2021, Aurich/Germany

ENERCON hands over first wind energy converters of 250 MW Swedish wind farm

The ‘Markbygden Phase II North’ project comprises 63 E-138 EP3 WECs

ENERCON handed over the first 25 wind energy converters of the 250 MW ‘Markbygden Phase II North’ project to Energy Infrastructure Partners (EIP) before the scheduled year-end deadline. With this step, the contract was thus closed as agreed. So far, 47 wind energy converters have been installed at the wind farm in northern Sweden. ENERCON will install a total of 63 E-138 EP3 wind energy converters over the course of the project, of which a majority stake was acquired by institutional investors advised by EIP in May of last year.

Despite delays brought about by subcontractors and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic during the last quarter of 2020, the first wind energy converters were successfully handed over. Thanks to the joint efforts of the project team, all of the set objectives were achieved by Christmas as planned. ENERCON is also on schedule for the next phase of the project: another 22 wind energy converters are set to be taken-over in Q1. The remaining 16 will follow in autumn 2021.

Investors advised by EIP have acquired up to 85 percent of the shares in the onshore wind farm in the municipality of Piteå, in the northern Swedish province of Norrbotten. ENERCON itself remains a long-term shareholder with a minority of the shares, underlining its lasting strategic interest in Sweden as a wind energy location. In this project, ENERCON functions as both a turnkey supplier of the wind energy converters and a long-term full-service partner.

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