14 September 2021, Aurich/Germany

ENERCON calls for politicians to introduce measures to simplify repowering projects

Exchange with Schleswig-Holstein’s Minister for Energy Jan Philipp Albrecht at opening of Husum Wind 2021 trade fair.

During a visit by Schleswig-Holstein’s Minister for Energy Jan Philipp Albrecht (Grüne) to ENERCON’s stand at the Husum Wind 2021 trade fair, ENERCON CEO Momme Janssen reaffirmed the company’s demands for improved framework conditions for repowering projects. Janssen welcomed the trailblazer role of the northernmost federal state in expanding wind energy – with 674 MW (158 WECs), Schleswig-Holstein takes the top spot for new approvals at the moment. This number makes up almost a quarter of all the WECs currently approved across Germany. At the same time, Janssen gave a reminder of the importance of introducing simplification measures for site repowering: ‘In the interest of the energy transition, we do need to look further ahead than just the approval pipeline. Many established sites in Germany are at risk of being dismantled, as the current legal position makes them unsuitable for repowering. Politicians urgently need to put regulations in place for these sites to ensure they are kept for green energy production.’

There was mutual agreement that a continued high level of commitment is necessary for the expansion of onshore wind energy in Germany. If there is no further expansion, the Federal Government will not be able to fulfil its climate protection obligations. Momme Janssen pointed to the industry demands made of politicians in Berlin to quickly remove approval obstacles for onshore projects following the general election at the end of September. ‘Investors need planning security. Without reliable framework conditions for new projects we will be heading towards a gap in renewable energies that is in stark contrast to the increase in requirements – such as for green hydrogen.’

Alongside Lower Saxony, the ENERCON CEO sees Schleswig-Holstein as a positive example for the development of wind energy in Germany. A legally-binding regional plan is now in force in the state. The governing coalition made up of CDU, Greens and FDP is behind the energy transition and recognises great potential in the integrated energy concept and the idea of becoming a region that generates green energy for the metropolitan city of Hamburg. ‘With this level of commitment and dedication in other states as well – and above all in the next Federal Government – it should really be possible for us to remove the regulatory obstacles and restart the energy transition the way we need to’, Momme Janssen remarks.

Caption: ENERCON CEO Momme Janssen (from left) in discussion with BWE Präsident Hermann Albers and Schleswig-Holstein’s Minister for Energy Jan Philipp Albrecht at the ENERCON stand.

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