Kopenhagen, 26. April 2023

ENERCON and Enerjisa conclude MoU for 2 x E-175 EP5

Installation of prototypes of the new ENERCON top model planned for Türkiye in 2024

ENERCON and the Turkish energy generation company Enerjisa Üretim have concluded a memorandum of understanding (MoU) covering the supply of two of the latest ENERCON E-175 EP5 wind energy converters. The MoU was signed today at the leading international onshore wind trade fair WindEurope in Copenhagen (until 27 April). The agreement stipulates that ENERCON will install two prototypes of its new top model with a rotor diameter of 175 metres and a nominal power of 6 MW in Türkiye end of 2024.

‘We are pleased that we are continuing our trust-based cooperation with Enerjisa Üretim with our new turbine type’, said ENERCON CEO Dr Jürgen Zeschky. ‘ENERCON is already the supplier of wind turbines for the YEKA RES 2 project, with which we will install 1,000 MW of onshore power in Türkiye for Enerjisa Üretim in the next three years. With the delivery of the new E-175 EP5, we are launching the next chapter of our partnership.’

ENERCON CCO Ulrich Schulze Südhoff added: ‘ENERCON and Enerjisa Üretim combine an equally strong commitment to renewable energies and the energy transition. Together we are making a decisive contribution to a sustainable, reliable and cost-effective energy supply in Türkiye. Our new E-175 EP5 is very suitable for locations in the country. We will do our utmost to make this high-performance wind turbine type available there also for serial projects, so that we can continue to drive onshore expansion in the country together with our customers in the future.’

Arif Günyar, Regional Head of ENERCON’s Central Asia, Middle East and Africa (CAMEA) region, pointed out ENERCON’s long-standing relationship with Türkiye: ‘ENERCON is one of the pioneers of the wind energy industry in Türkiye. Together with our customers we have been contributing to build up a renewable energy system in this country for over 25 years, and together we have already achieved more than 2.5 gigawatts of onshore power – not including the 1,000 MW from the current YEKA projects. The fact that we are now providing prototype sites for the new E-175 EP5 makes our Turkish team very proud!"

İhsan Erbil Bayçöl, Enerjisa Üretim CEO made the following statement: "Turkey needs to increase its investments in renewable energy to achieve its economic and environmental goals. In order to take advantage of Turkey's significant potential for renewable energy, we at Enerjisa Üretim work to swiftly implement investments in both wind and solar energy. Despite already having a leading position in the industry in terms of investment and generation, Enerjisa Üretim remains committed to assuming responsibility and providing support for the growth of the industry. Through collaboration with ENERCON, Enerjisa Üretim aims to contribute to sustainable development of both technology and human resources in the industry.

As part of THE agreement signed with ENERCON today, Enerjisa Üretim will host the new E-175 EP5 turbines, which is one of the largest and most powerful turbines with a rotor diameter of 175 metres in the world, to test and contribute to development of the technology. The testing of the turbine at Enerjisa Üretim power plants in Turkey is highly important to us and our country. We have always used cutting-edge technology in our investments, and we hope to see these turbines, which have not yet been introduced to the market, at our new sites following a successful development process.’’

With a rotor diameter of 175 metres and a nominal power of 6 MW, the E-175 EP5 wind energy converter type is currently the largest and most powerful in the ENERCON product portfolio. It features the tried-and-tested ENERCON direct drive concept, an innovative E-nacelle with electrical systems built into the machine house, and a 86-metre long one-piece rotor blade – the longest rotor blade designed by ENERCON to date.

The MoU signed by ENERCON and Enerjisa Üretim today in Copenhagen not only covers the supply and installation of the WEC technology, but also the operation and service of the two prototypes. They will be installed at the Enerjisa Üretim Balıkesir Wind Power Plant and Enerjisa Üretim Bandırma Energy Base sites (both in the province of Balıkesir).

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