ENERCON’s new top-of-the-range model, the E-141 EP4/4.2 MW, is now also available for use at wind class IIA sites with immediate effect. “The new classifi cation will make it easier for our customers to plan projects at locations with good to very good wind conditions”, says ENERCON Sales Manager Stefan Lütkemeyer. “The E-141 EP4 is well suited to a wide range of projects, whether near to the shoreline or well inland, and its high annual yield makes it an extremely attractive option for investors.”

ENERCON will perform the new wind class classifi cation at Hanover Fair (24 to 28 April). At sites where wind speeds average 7.5 metres per second, the E-141 EP4 will generate annual yields of about 16.4 million kilowatt-hours at a hub height of 129 m. At prime locations with average wind speeds of 8.5 metres per second, the annual yield will be roughly 19.2 million kilowatt-hours. Even at sites with lower wind speeds, the E-141 EP4 is still good value for money: At sites where wind speeds average 6.5 metres per second, the E-141 EP4 will still generate annual yields of more than 13 million kilowatt-hours. This makes it one of the most productive onshore wind energy converters anywhere in the world.

The E-141 EP4 has a nominal power of 4.2 MW and a rotor diameter of 141 m. In addition to the version with a precast concrete tower and a hub height of 129 m, ENERCON will also be offering its flagship WEC with three other tower versions in the future: two precast concrete towers with hub heights of 159 m and 135 m respectively, and a steel tower with a hub height of 99 m. The steel tower design is intended mainly for the export market. At the same time as the E-141 EP4 is given a new wind class classifi cation, the second EP4 type will also be re-categorised, namely the E-126 EP4 with a rotor diameter of 127 m and the same nominal power of 4.2 MW; in future, it will be classifi ed for sites in wind class I with high wind conditions.

As well as the technical innovations of the EP4 platform, ENERCON will also be showcasing its new developments in the fi eld of system solutions at Hanover Fair. In an energy system based on renewables, intelligent networking of fl exible electricity producers and consumers, of crosssector applications and of infrastructure is becoming increasingly important. Visitors to the ENERCON stand (Hall 27, Stand H70) will be given an insight into the solutions being developed by the system supplier for renewable energies to create greater value in and around the wind farm and for the integrated energy concept. ENERCON will also have something to offer schoolchildren with its ‘Tec2You’ initiative for engineers of tomorrow. Visit Pavilion 11, Stand C12 for a wide range of information about apprenticeships at ENERCON. We will once again be staging an informative series of talks this year at our main stand during the Trade Fair week:

26 April
1100 Stefan Lütkemeyer, Head of Sales ENERCON GmbH
1400 Giles Dickson, CEO WindEurope

27 April
1330 Hans-Dieter Kettwig & Simon-Hermann Wobben, Management ENERCON GmbH



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