25 September 2018, Hamburg/Germany

ENERCON and Lagerwey together develop two new WEC types based on Lagerwey’s LP4 platform.

Like ENERCON’s new EP3 WECs the new L147 LP4 and L160 LP4 for wind class IIA and IIIA sites (IEC) are based on a compact WEC design. “With these turbines, we are bringing the compact design into the 4 MW-plus segment, and offering our customers around the world more attractive options for their projects”, says ENERCON Sales Director Lütkemeyer. ENERCON and Lagerwey are presenting the new LP4 developments at the WindEnergy in Hamburg (until 28 September).

The L147 LP4 will be given a permanent magnet generator (PMG) with a nominal power of 4.3 MW and a rotor diameter of 147 metres. The L160 LP4 will also be developed with a PMG which will have a nominal power of at least 4.0 MW. Its rotor diameter measures 160 metres. Both types of wind turbine will be directly driven. At sites with an average wind speed of 7.5 m/s, the L147 LP4 will produce annual energy yields of around 17.2 million kilowatt-hours. The aim for the L160 LP4 is an annual energy yield of at least 14.8 million kilowatt-hours at 6.5 m/s.

The series production version of the L147 LP4 will be available with steel towers and hub heights of 126 or 155 metres, and that of the L160 LP4 with steel towers and hub heights of 120 or 166 metres. Lagerwey’s modular steel tower concept (MST) will be used in both of the new developments in place of conventional tubular steel towers.

The L147 LP4 prototype is scheduled to be installed in Germany by the end of the year. The prototype of the L160 LP4 is set to follow in Q4/2019. Series production of the L147 LP4 is also envisaged to begin as early as next year. ENERCON and Lagerwey intend to go into series production with the new L160 LP4 in 2020.

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