Materials Inspector in Mortar and Concrete Engineering (m/f)


"I was pleased to start my training as a Construction Materials Inspector at the WEC Turmbau subsidiary. The work undertaken in both the office as well as in the lab is good fun and not at all boring."

Dennis Janssen

At ENERCON, Materials Inspectors that specialise in mortar and concrete engineering investigate the properties of concrete and mortars in relation to their feedstocks. In your apprenticeship, you will carry out investigation and testing of samples on site or you will take and document material samples with special equipment and transfer them to the laboratory for further investigation. Using physical or chemical methods, you will determine the different properties and characteristics of the various building materials, such as grain size distribution of gravel mixtures, density, hardness, porosity, strength, moisture content, pH value, material composition, conductivity, and permeability, etc. These measurement results will be documented, evaluated and displayed graphically.

Duration of training

3 years

Entrance requirements

Secondary school certificate with good grades in Mathematics, Chemistry and German.

Continuing professionals development opportunities 

Opportunities for continuing professional development, such as a State-certified Technician or Master Craftsman (m/f) or also a Bachelor’s degree at a university of applied sciences (chemical engineering, civil engineering, etc.) or Master’s degree in Civil Engineering.

Further training professions

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