KITA Wirbelwind child day care centre - perfect conditions for career and family


A new start in the future, not just for you.

ENERCON is deeply concerned to ensure that its employees are able to reconcile family and career. For this reason, the KITA Wirbelwind day care centre was opened in Aurich in August 2014, located in direct proximity to the ENERCON Innovation Centre. The child day care centre has both nursery and kindergarten places. Through this facility, we hope to offer our employees professional and flexible childcare with above-average staff to child ratios and high-quality care, and therefore enable better reconciliation of family and career.

Full day care for your child - even during school holidays

We offer flexible day care for your children based on Montessori and Reggio-Pedagogy principles - even during the normal school holidays. A high ratio of personnel, with three pedagogic carers per group, ensures optimum care and support for your child. There is something new to discover every day at the KITA Wirbelwind day care centre. The emphasis is on learning and experience through play. Both in exploration and movement in our individual themed rooms, babies and toddlers go on their own voyage of discovery every day. In addition, both the nursery and kindergarten groups each have their own room appropriate to their age and theme group, as well as their own, high-quality and safely equipped outdoor areas.

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