Professional Drivers (m/f/d)


"I always wanted to take the wheel as a professional driver. The training is varied and offers job security with a future. In addition to training on the different vehicles, I chose ENERCON because I can also specialise in large size and heavy transport. I am already looking forward to making the grand tour with ENERCON."

Sönke Frerichs

As a professional driver, you are responsible for ensuring not only that your goods arrive at their destination on time but also undamaged. During your training, you will learn how to drive various classes of truck and to orient yourself on the roads for both local and long distance haulage. At the start of training as a professional driver, all the safety guidelines are taught, such as how to safely load and unload goods, how the truck is inspected before and after a journey and how accident and hazardous locations are made safe. You will also learn how to deal with transport documents, how to record the services provided, how to schedule and organise journeys according to economic requirements, how to deal with exceptional transport permits and cooperate with public authorities and associated companies in respect of large size and heavy transport. Combinations of vehicles and articulated trucks of the CE class, with a minimum length of 16 metres, will be made available to you as training vehicles. You will learn how to drive these not just safely, but also in a cost-effective manner on public roads. Training includes driving license for class C / CE vehicles, training as a dangerous goods driver as well as the BF3 certificate to accompany large size and heavy transport.

Duration of training

3 years

Entrance requirements

At least a good secondary school certificate, together with a high sense of responsibility and interest in vehicle technology.

Further training professions

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