Precision Engineer (m/f/d)


"I’m particularly impressed that we, as apprentices, learn to take over responsibility and work independently. This, above all, is part of the challenge of precision work and programming of CNC machine tools. As well as the high employment acceptance level, ENERCON also supports continuing professional development in each profession."

Laura-Marie Bürkner

When trained as a Precision Engineer, you are constantly working with a wide range of measuring instruments, and you produce machinery, plant, devices and systems, which you also maintain and repair. Your task has a really good balance of manual work and high technology. Often you work with computer assisted machinery, which must be correspondingly adjusted for each single component. The profession of a Precision Engineer requires a high degree of fine touch and precision workmanship. If you have a high degree of patience and enjoying working in a concentrated manner, then training as a Precision Engineer is just right for you.

Duration of training

3 years

Entrance requirements

At least a secondary school certificate with good grades in Mathematics, Physics and German and in addition successful completion of vocational school in metalworking. General or vocational Abitur, or attendance (completion) at a vocational college, shortens the training period by 12 months.

Continuing professional development opportunities

Continuing professional development opportunities in various directions, e.g. Master Craftsman (m/f/d).

Further training professions

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