IT Specialist in Application Development (m/f/d)


"As wind energy is increasingly gaining importance as a renewable energy, ENERCON represents an employer with a secure future for me. The training programme offers me an ideal learning and working environment, and it is both full of variety and great fun. Later on, I want to develop software applications for control and monitoring of processes within our wind energy converters."

Jannik Madena

As an IT specialist in the field of application development, you will not only develop and program software applications, you will also spend a certain amount of time testing them. Once your application is finished, you must still document your work - i.e. provide a written explanation of the structure and function. Customers or colleagues can use this documentation to answer questions about the application. At ENERCON, you will be primarily responsible for software programming for commercial or technical applications as well as for multimedia. Training in our company is further deepened by practical experience in several departments (e.g. IT Purchasing, IT Support or SCADA remote monitoring).

Duration of training

3 years

Entrance requirements

At least a good secondary school certificate with corresponding grades in Mathematics, Physics and English, as well as in interest in IT systems and particularly software programming.

Continuing professional development opportunities

Continuing professional development opportunities including Master Craftsman (m/f/d) or Engineer (m/f/d) in Information Technology, to university graduate, for example, as Engineer in Information Technology or IT specialist in your subject area.

Further training professions

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