Vocational training or dual studies?

At ENERCON you have the choice!

The world of training at ENERCON is as diverse as ENERCON itself. You have the choice of some 20 training professions in a variety of fields. Advanced training facilities and optimum support during the whole of your training period are guaranteed. Discover your strengths!

Training professions in the field of renewable energies – diversity is a trump card

As the market and technology leader in Germany in the field of wind energy, ENERCON places great emphasis on the depth of value added. All work is provided by the company’s own areas of activity, from development, to administration, production, and IT systems, right up to logistics and service. As a result, we are able to offer training for professional profiles in the widest range of business disciplines, such as Industrial Commercial Manager, Process Engineer or Electronic Building Systems Technician, and can also structure a dual-studies programme such as the Bachelor of Arts to be particularly diversified. 

Career in Lower Saxony or around the world: ENERCON

Each year, the Chambers of Industry and Commerce and the Chambers of Crafts make awards to their best trainees. And every year, there are several qualified tradesmen from ENERCON amongst the award winners. We therefore attach great importance to a good training programme in order to give you a positive start and a solid foundation for the future. After successful completion of the training programme, ENERCON makes attractive opportunities for continuing professional development available even at a later date. In this way, we offer our trainees the prospect of being retained and continuing employment in the growth market of wind energy.

Energy for the world


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