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Use your ideas to shape the renewable energy future!

ENERCON has been one of the leading producers of wind energy converters for more than 30 years. It is our objective to also secure our leading technology position in the field of renewable energy in the future, and we place our focus on visionary development of technology and innovation. Highly-qualified engineers work, in our state-of-the-art R&D centre in Aurich, to develop and secure know-how within our own company - always with an conscious eye on further building up and deepening our core competences, so that we can continue to offer the highest quality wind energy converters on the market.

The ENERCON Research and Development Centre offers a wide variety of job opportunities

We offer a broad range of employment opportunities in the research field of simulation of air flow, electrical technology, components and loads, as well as systems innovation. Our teams, in the field of development, work in various sections on the implementation of new generations of systems. Within this, we offer various entrance opportunities structured according to the subdivisions of rotor blades, nacelles, towers, generators and electrical components. At the same time, we are creating opportunities, related to research and development, in validation, acoustics and technical publishing.

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