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The restructured ENERCON maintenance cycle

The implementation of the restructured maintenance cycle started in Germany in the first quarter of 2016. Therefore the following regulations are just applicable for WECs that are installed in Germany.

Increased regulations in form of standards and directives mean that the maintenance of wind energy converters requires a more wide-ranging inspection than in the past. This led to a restructuring of the ENERCON maintenance cycle. In order to ensure an efficient and customer-oriented service under these new conditions, ENERCON is adjusting its maintenance cycles and content.

As part of the EPK or maintenance contract, the scope of service results of three essential requirements:

1.    tests resulting from obligations of the operator and ENERCON does as service provider.
2.    tests that ENERCON dictates as a manufacturer for its products.
3.    tests that the ENERCON Service Center performs due to many years of experience in order to ensure a trouble-free operation of the WEC.

After careful evaluations and ENERCON’s extensive experience it was decided to change the basic interval from quarterly to half-yearly and a 4-year interval will be introduced for certain inspections. Electrical and Mechanical Maintenance will be combined into so-called Master Maintenance. Grease Maintenance is carried out unchanged. The visual Maintenance is discontinued. In addition, the 4-Yearly Maintenance is carried out every four years. (For further information please see table to the right.)

Implementation of the new maintenance cycle
After gaining experience with the launch of the restructured maintenance cycle in Germany, the international implementation will start in Q4/2016.

The ENERCON maintenance concept
includes the following services

Master maintenance

  • of WEC components
  • Inspection of mechanical and electrical connections, safety equipment as well as power and electrical cabinets/boxes.
  • Refilling lubricants


4-year maintenance is done every four years.

Wind-dependent maintenance

  • overspeed switch test
  • transmission test
  • chopper resistor test


Performed at appropriate wind force within the scope of master maintenance. Can also be done during troubleshooting, hence does not require service teams to make a separate trip to the site.

Grease maintenance

  • visual inspection of WEC components
  • refilling lubricants

4-year maintenance

  • Checking additional areas
  • Checks carried out to ensure overall worker safety/protection when working on WEC
  • Continuity checks for protection equipment 
  • Insulation resistance measurement

WIC relay and grid protection tests

  • checking protective disconnection equipment
  • checking medium voltage circuit breakers with special protection test set
  • simulation of grid faults


Takes place every four years

ENERCON PartnerKonzept

ENERCON Service stands for high quality worldwide and customer satisfaction has top priority. So in order to satisfy customer needs and demands, we are constantly optimising our range of services. Customer information and transparent services are key factors, here. As a well-established service product, the ENERCON PartnerKonzept (EPK) contract offers an ideal basis for any owner and ensures optimum WEC performance during its entire service life. Maintenance, service and repair are covered in one package that also includes a guaranteed technical availability up of to 97 %.

Scope of ENERCON PartnerKonzept services:

  • technical availability guaranteed up to 97%
  • reimbursement of yield loss if guaranteed technical availability is not met
  • steady yield provides planning and financing security
  • follow-up contract option from 20th year of operation
  • repair and spare parts guarantee
  • no additional costs for spare parts or main components (with a standard machinery breakdown / downtime insurance covering general remaining risks)
  • no need to make financial provisions for larger repairs 
  • complete coverage against unforeseeable events with ENERCON's additional or conventional insurance
  • regular maintenance
  • central monitoring of WECs
  • 24/7 remote monitoring via SCADA 
  • local point of contact
  • prompt reaction due to decentralized service network
  • performance oriented payment
  • calculable costs based on yield

ENERCON Service Info Portal

The ENERCON Service Info Portal (SIP) offers functionality and transparency in terms of relevant turbine data. In addition to ENERCON SCADA data, customers can obtain quick and simple access to any desired service information via the Internet without having to call up additional software. A personal password and encrypted transmission ensure double data protection in line with the latest security standards.

A user-friendly menu allows easy access to all monthly, weekly and daily analyses of the WECs. Customers can also obtain a yield or availability overview, or consult maintenance and service reports within seconds via SIP. The interface draws on data entered in the internal system by ENERCON Service directly on site, thus making it easy to directly follow any maintenance and repair work.

With these more efficient options, the SIP interface allows an improved flow of information increasing customer satisfaction.

Your quick access to ENERCON Service Info Portal (SIP)

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ENERCON Training Centre (ETC)

The ENERCON Training Centres represent a groundbreaking training concept that guarantees optimum training of the Service staff and Installation technicians working for us around the world. Under the guidance of ENERCON instructors, trainee Installation technicians attend national and international ETCs to be taught the procedures and actions involved in installing an ENERCON wind energy converter. The construction site set-up is simulated using original components for hands-on, realistic training that takes all relevant health and safety regulations into account. The aim is to optimise processes on the construction site and improve efficiency in order to provide our customers with the best possible service.

Training courses also offered for ENERCON customers
In addition to the training courses we run for teams working for ENERCON, we also offer training for our customers tailored to their individual requirements. A broad spectrum of topics ranges from ENERCON’s tried and tested WEC technology to new product systems. Our technical trainers employ an extensive range of work methods and know the technical features and standards of ENERCON wind energy converters inside out, meaning no questions are left unanswered. Learn more about the official ENERCON training courses and get in touch!

Customer training courses contact

You`re interested in learning more about ENERCON´s training opportunities?
Please contact the ENERCON Global Training-Team:

E-Mail: customer-Training@enercon.de
Phone: +49 (0) 49 41 - 60 41 444

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