ENERCON logistics

Customised logistics solutions

ENERCON offers individually tailored logistics solutions for timely delivery of all components to the wind farm construction site. At the same time, ENERCON logistics management aims at environmentally friendly freight transport in order to permanently strengthen this area.


With ENERCON's own railway company e.g.o.o. the transport shift from road to rail is promoted. With the “Green Logistics” principle, production sites are supplied with production material and system components delivered to the construction site by rail. In the meantime, e.g.o.o has evolved into a well-established rail company also servicing a multitude of external customers.

ENERCON production facilities are located at strategically favourable transport hubs so that ENERCON can use alternatively rail or trucks, and even barges. The high degree of vertical integration provides a decisive advantage here. In comparison to the competition, ENERCON plans and coordinates all transport independently and therefore does not have to use external carriers. The result is a perfectly coordinated logistics chain that is highly efficient both economically and ecologically.

E-Ship 1 is a further integral part of the ENERCON transport concept. The innovative transport vessel makes an essential contribution to sustainable freight transport. The Flettner technology has proved successful in commercial use. Depending on weather conditions, fuel savings of up to 15% can be achieved. ENERCON wind energy projects worldwide are supplied using E-Ship 1. 


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