• 1984

    ENERCON GmbH founded by Aloys Wobben

    Development of first ENERCON wind turbine E-15/16 (55 kW)

  • 1988

    Development and installation of E-17/80 kW and E-32/300 kW

  • 1993

    Launch of E-40/500 kW series: first gearless WEC

    Construction of rotor blade production facility (AERO) for ENERCON WECs

  • 1995

    Installation of E-66/1.5 MW prototype

  • 1996

    Partnership with production site in Sorocaba / Brazil

  • 1998

    Cooperation with SKET Maschinen und Anlagenbau GmbH, Magdeburg / Germany

    Development of production site in Magdeburg / Germany for E-66 WECs

  • 2000

    German Environmental Award presented to company owner Aloys Wobben

    Development of WEC Turmbau GmbH in Magdeburg / Germany for ENERCON towers

  • 2001

    Founding of a new production facility for wind turbines in Magdeburg-Rothensee / Germany

  • 2002

    Set-up of new rotor blade production facility for ENERCON WECs in Turkey

    Commissioning of E-112 prototype in Egeln near Magdeburg / Germany

  • 2003

    Launch of serial production of E-112 rotor blades in Magdeburg / Germany

  • 2004

    Installation of two E-112 turbines in Wybelsumer Polder near Emden / Germany and nearshore E-112 in the Ems River

  • 2005

    Construction of a concrete tower production facility (WEC Turmbau) for ENERCON WECS in Emden / Germany

    Enhancement of E-112 to 6 MW wind turbine

    Commissioning of E-82/2 MW prototype

  • 2006

    Commissioning of E-20/100 kW and E-53/800 kW prototypes

    Advancement of E-112 to E-126 MW wind turbine

  • 2007

    New headquarters building in Aurich

    Completion of prototypes E-126

  • 2008

    Christening of "E-Ship 1" in Kiel / Germany

    Aloys Wobben receives Rudolf Diesel medal

    Launch of rotor blade and tower production for ENERCON WECs in Viana do Castelo / Portugal

  • 2009

    Inauguration of mechatronic factory in Lanheses / Portugal

    Commissioning of ENERCON hydropower plant in Raguhn / Saxony Anhalt (Germany)

  • 2010

    Inauguration of Europe`s most modern foundry (Gusszentrum Ostfriesland GZO) for ENERCON components

    Expansion of product range E-82/2.3 MW, E-82/3 MW and the E-101/3 MW

    Maiden voyage of E-Ship 1

  • 2011

    Installation of a precast concrete tower factory for ENERCON WECs in France

    Use of mobile concrete tower facilities in Brazil

    Completion of Weser hydropower plant (2 ENERCON S-pipe turbines/10 MW rated power)

  • 2012

    Construction of new Innovation Center (ENERCON R & D) in Aurich

    Installation of E-92/2,35 MW prototype in Simonswolde / East Frisia

    Foundation of Aloys-Wobben-Stiftung (trust)

    Development of E-115/2,5 MW 

  • 2013

    Commissioning of testing facilities at new ENERCON Innovation Center in Aurich

    Installation of E-115/3 MW prototype in Lower Saxony / Germany

  • 2014

    Start serial production of E-115/3 MW series

  • 2015

    Development of new 4 MW platform, presentation of E-126 EP4/4.2 MW

    Inauguration of Feldheim Regional Regulating Power Station (RRKW) in Brandenburg

  • 2016

    Commissioning of E-126 EP4/4.2 MW prototypes in Lelystad/NL and Husum

  • 2017

    Commissioning of E-141 EP4/4.2 MW prototype in Coppanz/Thuringia

    Presentation of ENERCON rapid charging solution for e-vehicles

    Announcement of E-126 EP3 and E-138 EP3

    Acquisition of shares in Dutch manufacturer Lagerwey

  • 2018

    Market launch of ENERCON E-Charger 600

    Development of storage solution E-Storage 2300

    Commissioning of E-126 EP3 prototype

    Development of E-147 LP4 und L-160 LP4 togehter with Lagerwey

  • 2019

    Installation of E-138 EP3 prototype at Wieringermeer/NL

    Announcement of E-147 EP5 and E-160 EP5

    Complete integration of Lagerwey

  • 2020

    Installation of E-147 EP5 and E-160 EP5 prototypes

    Commissioning of E-138 EP3 E2 (4.2 MW) prototype

    Announcement of E-147 EP5 E2 (5.0 MW) and E-160 EP5 E2 (5.5 MW)

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