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ENERCON opens new Service logistics centre in Gotha (en)

20.11. 2012

40 new jobs created for start-up / Continuous expansion of site

ENERCON Service has started up operations at its new logistics centre in Gotha. Since 20 November, ENERCON service and installation technicians have been able to obtain equipment, material and spare parts from the Aurich-based wind turbine manufacturer's new Service store in Gotha. In the last couple of months, ENERCON transformed the first building of their new warehouse facilities located on the grounds of the former VEB Gummiwerke Thüringen (rubber processing plant). This site is intended to be the hub for material dispatch for southern Germany, Austria and other European countries. The project, promoted by the Free State of Thuringia, is being co-financed by the European Union within the scope of their European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) programme. «We're happy that the refurbishing work was completed so that we were able open the facility already this fall,» says ENERCON project manager, Jochen Hilfers.

The new site complements the Service logistics centre in Aurich which, up until now, has been the sole dispatch centre in charge of supplying the some 5,400 Service technicians with materials worldwide. By setting up the second logistics hub, ENERCON Service is responding to the company's continuing growth. Today, ENERCON Service is in charge of maintaining more than 20,000 wind energy converters worldwide which means that ENERCON's decentralized Service network is constantly growing. In the past years, outgoing goods consignments from the Service logistics centre in Aurich have nearly tripled with the trend moving upwards. «More wind energy converters, more staff, more materials, and a greater range of turbine types to maintain – all this means more resources are needed for material logistics,» says project manager Jochen Hilfers on the reasons for setting up a second logistics hub. The decisive factors for choosing Gotha were the convenient road connections and 14 hectares of land offering ample space for expansion.

Development of the former industrial wasteland is scheduled to continue. Two more buildings are to be refurbished by mid 2013. And, besides the warehouse, the finished facility will also include a returns department as well as a component repair department. ENERCON Service also plans to open up a training centre at the site in Gotha. In the years to come, ENERCON intends to train its service and installation technicians there in the areas of turbine maintenance, occupational health and safety, and first aid. ENERCON has already been using rented facilities in Gotha for theoretical training since 1 July 2012, but will be enlarging its capacity with the new training centre scheduled to open early 2013. By mid-2013, the Gotha facility will have created more than 55 new jobs in materials management, and more than 20 jobs in the training centre. Forty new employees have already been hired for the launch of operations.

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