NEW: E-141 EP4

Technical details

  • Rated power: 4,200 kW
  • Rotor diameter: 141 m
  • Hub heights: 129 / 159 m
  • Wind class: IEC IIIA

NEW: E-103 EP2

Technical Details

  • Rated power: 2,350 kW
  • Rotor diameter: 103 m
  • Hub heights: 98 / 138 m
  • Wind class: IEC IIIA

ENERCON Product news

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With the E-141 EP4 / 4,200 kW and E-103 EP2 / 2,350 kW ENERCON has added two new high performance low wind turbines in the 2 MW and 4 MW segments

ENERCON E-141 EP4 / 4,200 kW

NEW: Ø 141 m, Wind class: IEC IIIa

At an estimated AEP of more than 13 000 MWh while operating at low sound power levels, the E-141 EP4 is the highest performing Wind Class III wind turbine worldwide.

Play movie Data sheet E-141 EP4

ENERCON E-103 EP2 / 2,350 kW

NEW: Ø 103 m, IEC IIIa

The new E-103 EP2 utilizes wind resources at low wind sites to the fullest and generates up to 10% more power compared to the E-92.

Data Sheet E-103 EP2


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